Customer Agreement  

When you use our Service or you permit any other person or entity to use our Service, you agree to  the terms and conditions we have set out in this agreement.  Your use of the Services may be made by use of certain numbers, codes, marks or other means of establishing your identity and acceptance of the electronic communications that are acceptable to us.  You agree that electronic copies of communications are valid and you will not contest the validity of the originals or copies, absent proof of altered data or tampering.


Processing  Fee $   5.00  per request    
Overdraft  Fee $ 23.00  per request    
Reversal  Fee $ 35.00  per occurrence     
Administrative Fee $ 15.00  per request ( If Bill Paying account is overdrawn at the end of any 14 day period.)     
Late Payment Fee $ 10.00  A Late Payment Fee may be assessed for each billing cycle in which at least the minimum payment due is not paid by due date.    

1) ACCESS CODES.   You will be assigned a Customer access number, Personal Identification Number .Use of these access codes is the agreed security procedure to access the Service.

2) BILL PAYMENT.  We recommend all bill payments be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance of the due date presented by the payee.  If the payment date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or National holiday  the payment date will default to the next business day.

3) BUSINESS DAYS.  Our business days are Monday through Friday 10:30am to 5:30pm Est., except for National Holidays.

4) BILL PAY SERVICE.  Using our service you may only pay payees with United States addresses.  No single bill request can exceed $125.00, but you can request multiple payments to one vendor.  We reserve the right to refuse to make payments to certain payees.      

5) Bill Paying.  If there are insufficient funds in your account, we may a) refuse to pay the item, b) make the payment and thereby overdraw your account with us.  If there are insufficient funds in your account, and we choose to make the payment, you will be responsible for the overdraft amount and all fees.  These amounts (overdraft amount and fees) must be paid in full within the time period allowed .

6) Reversals.  If we do not receive full payment in the time period allowed, we will reverse (charge back ) the payment   made to your vendor.

7) E-mail.  A valid e-mail account is required to use our online service.  It is your responsibility to ensure  we have a valid e-mail address at all times.

8) Your Responsibility.  You are responsible for all bill payments you authorize using the Service.  If you permit other person to use the Service or your access codes,  you are responsible for any transaction they authorize.

9) No Signature Required.  When any payment generates items to be charged to your account, You agree that we may debit your Bank Account(s) without requiring your signature on the item, and without prior notice to you.

10) Penalty.  Failure on your part to not make us whole on any Overdraft amount and Fees, within the period allowed, will result in our reversing the transaction paid to the vendor.

11) Disclosure of Account Information to Others.   We may disclose information to third parties if:  a) we have entered into an agreement to have another party provide the Bill Pay service , b) It is necessary for completing a bill payment, c) It is necessary to verify the existence and condition of a bill pay account for the payee, d) If you give us written permission.

12) If we can not pay a bill that you requested, we will notify you of this and you can 1) submit another bill request 2) Request a reund. If we do hear from you within 48 hours ( during our normal business hours )then a refund will be automatically issued.

13) It is agreed definitively that this is not a loan, but a bill paying service. This service shall not be construed as a loan of any type.