Bill Pay - How it works

Apply online and receive your User Id and password.
Approval is immediate, and you can start using your account at once.
No reason to ever re-apply, your account will stay open with us.

We set up a in-house bill paying account with Overdraft Protection in your name.

It comes with up to $650.00 of overdraft protection, that you make requests of to pay



We pay by Electronic CHECKS  only.  We do not pay individuals, only companies that will accept electronic online check payments; ACH or E-checks in your behalf. 


No single bill payment request can exceed $125.00, but you can make

multiple requests to pay the same or other company(s), up to your $650.00

overdraft limit.

A bill total is made of multiple request amounts.

When you enter a bill, enter the TOTAL  amount to be paid to that company. 
Our system will break it down into 125.00 request amounts for you.

Cashline charges a $5.00 per request processing fee and a $23.00 per request
overdraft fee on your Bill Paying Account.


Before a bill will be paid, certain FEES must be sent to your Cashline account.  These are calculated for you as you enter a bill to be paid.
For these fees, we only accept Moneygram and Debit and Credit Cards Payments. 
Our cut-off time is 3:30 e.s.t.(M-F) Requests for bills, and the associated fees must be made prior to the cut-off time on the date the bill is to be paid. 

Example :   Request #1 - pay $95.00 to Power Company.
  Request #2 - pay $125.00 to cell phone company.
Request #3 - pay additional $75.00 to cell phone company.
Request all made on same day.
A week later , you send in another request
  Request #4 - pay $350.00 to Car Finance Company
As you had $650.00 of Overdraft Protection, you are still within your limits.
First time customers, have a beginning limit of $200.00.  Once your first requests are paid off satisfactorily, you can request a limit increase.  At the 500 and over limit
and active checking account with direct deposit is required.

These payments can be paid through Moneygram ;  or a Debit / Credit Card.  You pick the option.

Once a bill is paid by Cashline, we notify you of the confirmation number given by that company.
14 days after the bill is paid by Cashline, you must make a minimum payment or payoff the balance of that bill.
If for any reason, the payment amount is not made within the period allowed, then Cashline will reverse (charge back) the amount in full to the company.