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Does the approval process take long? [?]
Can I do any of this on the phone with you? [?]
I only get paid once is month, can I use your service? [?]
Do I need a bank account?[?]
What states can you conduct business in?[?]

Sending a bill request

Who can I pay?[?]
How long before I must pay back?[?]
How will I know when the bill is paid? [?]
Can you send money to my bank account?[?]
What is the fee amount I have to send in to have the bill paid?[?]
When is the company paid?[?]
What if the company can not be paid?[?]
What if the company does not have a web site?[?]
What is the largest bill I can pay?[?]
Must I enter the bills at $125.00 each?[?]
Must I have an online account with the company I want to have paid?[?]
Why would you not be able to pay a bill?[?]


Will you deduct from my account?[?]
What methods are available to send a payment?[?]
Can I pay off the balance whenever I choose?[?]
I did not print out my due dates and payment amounts?[?]
I am having a problem processing my Debit / Credit Card?[?]
Is there a fee when I make the minimum payment?[?]

Other Info

What if I forgot my user name or password?[?]
Do I have to pay off one bill before I can enter another?[?]
How do I contact you?[?]
Some of my information has changed?[?]
Will you notify me when my payment is due?[?]